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JMZMP-2-Jinmao Automatic Quick Replacement of Double Termina

_Fast, efficient and energy-saving

   Optimized high performance features make your production efficient and stable.

   Suitable for various brick types.

_The system is suitable for automatic placement of billet in tunnel kiln.  It can change、

   the gripper, hold different specifications of bricks and  placement of different shapes 

   according to the product specifications and stacking modes of customers.

_The system uses advanced PLC centralized control, with high efficiency and energy

   saving, high automation, easy and reliable operation, taking little space and other 

   characteristics. The whole system consists of gripper, servo control system and 

   marshalling system.

_The main components adopt the international first-line brand, and the lifting system is

   energy-saving hydraulic lifting. It is suitable for the production line of 30-120 million

   pieces (folding brick).

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